What is a fixie bike?

What is a fixie bike?

They have been and still are very fashionable, people have gone crazy with them. Everyone talked about the fixie bikes but … what the hell is a fixie? Do not despair! In Meollo we will explain everything you need to know to become experts on the subject.

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What is a fixed gear?

When we look at the rear wheel of a bicycle, we can see in it a small metal part with a lot of teeth around which the bicycle chain is fixed. This piece is the gear that is fixed on a fixie bike because it is fixed directly to the rear wheel and does not have, as is usual on other bicycles, a system of bearings and balls that allow the wheel to turn independently to the gear.

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That is to say, on a fixed-gear bicycle, each and every one of the movements of the pedals is instantaneously transmitted to the wheels. With this type of bike we can not go down a hill with the pedals still listening to that characteristic buzz, because the rear wheel is directly connected to the pedals. The buzz indicates the presence of the bearings.
In the filies this is not possible, so that if we stayed with the pedals still moving down a hill the bike would simply stop or we would stick a good milk if we have too much speed. That is to say, in the fixie bicycles if you pedal forward, the bicycle advances, if you do it backwards the bicycle goes backwards and if you stop, the wheels obey instantly the position of the pedals.
Once this is known, it seems that these types of bicycles do not have much grace and, remembering the possibility of falling down the slope, they do not even seem very safe. What fun are the fixies bikes?

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The interesting thing about a fixie bike, and what explains its popularity, is its simplicity, lightness and maneuverability. The small number of parts that compose it, especially in the case of gears, that if we compare it with a bicycle of several gears is really big, makes bikes filies are very light.
On the other hand, the ability to directly control the wheels with the pedals gives the cyclist a few superpowers that would be impossible with a normal bicycle, such as the possibility of controlling it with very high precision since there is a direct mechanical transmission from the muscles of the bike. cyclist to the bike.

Advantages of a fixie bike

Design and aesthetics

First of all, the fixies bikes love us all for their design and aesthetics, they are simple and have a minimalist aspect that contrasts with the normal bicycles in which the braking cables, the plates and the pinions load them a lot, both visually as well as with regard to the weight of the bicycle itself.
Maintenance of a fixie
The absence of gears, changes, and plates makes the fixies bicycles have a very low maintenance. They are especially recommended for humid and cold climates in which this type of pieces suffer a lot of wear and, sometimes, oxidation. If you live in an area with these climatic conditions, you have probably heard your bicycle squeak in winter. Well, with a fixie that will not happen to you.

Resistance and lightness

The fewer parts a bike has, the less likely it is that those parts will break or wear out. Fixies bicycles are almost indestructible, no matter how much we mistreat the simplicity of their design makes them strong and robust. This resistance is combined with low weight, which allows easier transport, especially for those who carry them on the means of transport.

Fun and learning tricks

Another advantage of a fixie bike is that they are extremely fun and allow us to give another roll to ride a bike because with them you can do all kinds of tricks because their control is easier. Also with bikes fixies the cyclist feels much more connected to the bike which generates more confidence and safety to jump into the world of tricks. One of the things you can do with a fixie and nothing else is to keep your balance with the bicycle stopped. If your gears have bearings simply this will be impossible.


Unlike gear bikes, being so simple, fixies are also much cheaper. Some brands inflate the prices with the design and with its seal but it does not make sense. Do not be fooled. A fixie can not be more expensive than one of marches – both being

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