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Types of bicycle tires

If the wheels of your bicycle have said enough! and it is time to change this vital element of the bike, it is always advisable to make it well informed. Below we explain the different types of bicycle tires on the market, what they are designed for and if it is worth investing in them. […]

How to choose a mountain bike?

The mountain bike is, without a doubt, one of the undisputed queens of cycling. The strong sensations offered by this modality, as well as the direct contact with nature, mean that once you have tried this sport you will be hooked forever. However, although it may seem incredible, not all the bicycles that are advertised […]

How the gears of a bicycle work?

One of the central elements of every bicycle are the gears. In our post about fixies we have explained how fixed-gear bikes work, now it’s time to explain in detail how bicycles with gears are and how they work. Wall rack for bike Meollo What are the bike gears? Among the parts that make up […]

Cycling hydration backpack

If you are a sports cyclist or are beginning to practice this sport regularly, you will soon have realized how important it is to have a hydration pack or hydration system for the bicycle. In this post we will tell you everything you need to know to choose the model that best suits your needs. […]

Best bicycle backpack

If you are one of those who have decided to use the bicycle in their daily life, opting for a transport that benefits your health and that of everyone… Thanks and congratulations! Your gesture is helping all people to enjoy a cleaner air. Each ride is a grain of sand and even if it is […]

Bike bell

One of the most necessary accessories a that we can take on our bike is our bell or horn. Wall hanger for bicycle Meollo We use the bike sporadically or habitually in the city, we have to make ourselves heard and, if we are urbanist cyclists, that is to say if we usually face cars […]

Bike roller

One of the most fashionable and, sincerely, more practical accessories in the world of cycling, training and fitness is the bicycle roller. If you still do not know what it is or if you want to know its benefits, here we will explain everything you need to choose the best bike roller. Wall rack for […]

What is a fixie bike?

What is a fixie bike? They have been and still are very fashionable, people have gone crazy with them. Everyone talked about the fixie bikes but … what the hell is a fixie? Do not despair! In Meollo we will explain everything you need to know to become experts on the subject. Wall rack for […]

Commuter bike

The increase in traffic, the population of the cities and the resulting pollution has caused many people have opted for a very ecological transport option: the urban bicycle. If you are one of those who are going to make the leap, congratulations and … THANK YOU! With your gesture you are gaining time, health and […]

Traveling and transport by plane a snowboard

The new snow season is just around the corner and our tables are ready for us to take to the slopes! But every year many of us have the same questions: can you bring snowboards on the plane? Is it risky to bill a snowboard? Do all air travel companies allow you to carry snowboards […]