Types of bicycle tires

If the wheels of your bicycle have said enough! and it is time to change this vital element of the bike, it is always advisable to make it well informed. Below we explain the different types of bicycle tires on the market, what they are designed for and if it is worth investing in them.

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When to change the tires of a bike?

If we have subjected our bicycle to a lot of stress in a short time or we have been doing a lot without changing its wheels, it may be necessary to take a look and determine if a change is needed. In this case we refer to the rubber tires that cover the wheels or tires.

Knowing if a wheel needs to be changed is something simple and intuitive, we do not need to go to a mechanic to make this diagnosis. The first symptom, which we should not ignore because it can be very dangerous, is the shape of the wheel. If the tire has lost its rounded shape in its central part, if flattened areas are observed, there are no excuses. It’s time to change it.

Another sign that indicates that the wheel is already in the last are the cracks. If the rubber that forms tires has visible cracks, this is because the material is seriously compromised and its structure has given way. It is very dangerous to ride a bicycle with cracked wheels.

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Third, you should look carefully if you see wires in the wheel. That means that the outer layer has been removed by use and you can see the internal materials of the wheel. In this case it is also time to buy new wheels.

I need to change the tires on my bike, and now what?

Before you start to buy some bicycle tires, you need to answer a couple of questions first. First, you have to take into account the use that is going to be given to the bicycle. Are you an urban or road cyclist? Do you like mud and mountains or just take short trips with your folding bike? Depending on the use and driving we are going to carry out with our bicycle we will have to choose the right tire for both efficiency and safety reasons.

Choose the size of the bicycle tire

How to know what that tire size of your bicycle? It’s simple. Just look at the side of your old tire and there you will see some values ​​indicated.

Mountain bike tires

In the mountain bike tires you will see a couple of numbers like these 27.5 × 2.0. The first number indicates the approximate outer diameter of the tire (27.5 “) and the second the width (2”).

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Cruise bicycle tires

A cross-country bike will have tires in the width range of 1.9 “to 2.25”. Trial bikes and mountain bikes will have tires in the width range of 2.25 “to 2.4”. But downhill bikes, which are designed to withstand the impact of falls and rocks, as we told you in our post dedicated to mountain bikes, are equipped with rims up to 2.5 “wide.

Road bicycle tires

On road bike tires, you’ll see a couple of numbers like 700 × 23. The first number (700) is the size that corresponds approximately to the outer diameter of the tire in millimeters. The second number (23) denotes the actual width of the tire in millimeters. The exceptions include some 650s (used on the front wheels to accelerate faster and / or for smaller cyclists to decrease free space) and the 27 “size used on older bicycles.

The letter at the end of the size of a tire refers to an old French tire classification system in which the letters a, b and c designate different internal diameters. These letters sometimes still appear in tire sizes.

Most road cyclists use 700 tires in widths ranging from 18 to 23 mm.

Cyclocross bicycle tires

Cyclocross bicycle tires have small knobs and are designed in a size of 700 to match the geometry of cyclocross racing frames. The bicycles

Types of rolling for bicycle tires

The wider the tire and the more rolling material you have, the more stable it will be and, at the same time, offer greater resistance. So, depending on your needs, you should calibrate the best option between speed and grip.

Sliding bicycle tires
The tires or sliding covers are designed for road or city bikes. This type of cover seems almost ready, with a barely perceptible band drawing. This type of tire is designed for smooth surfaces such as asphalt.

Semi-slip bicycle tires

The covers or semi-slip tires are designed with a ready center that offers a minimum resistance and a fast acceleration, and with a very pronounced and aggressive treads on the sides that allow an excellent grip in the corners. These types of tires are mainly used for smooth surfaces with some off-road applications.

Mountain bike tires

The covers or tires for mountain bike are very wide and have a large amount of material to increase grip and stability. Also, the studs that run these spectacular wheels also serve as cushioning. If we are going to practice mountain biking it is essential to have the right wheels as they guarantee our safety. Never enter cross country with a bike with smooth or sliding wheels.

Tires for BMX

The covers for BMX have their special and unique characteristics since they are designed for a type of bicycle which requires speed and capacity to absorb impacts. The tread pattern is usually not as aggressive as that of mountain bikes, but it also has grip structures to offer additional traction in the tricks.

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